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Lake Erie 2000 LaMP

2000 Lake Erie LaMP cover

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Great Lakes Lakewide Management Plans (LaMPS)

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Lakewide Management Plans

Lake Erie  
2000 LaMP


  1. Remedial Action Plan (RAP) Summaries
    (PDF 405Kb, 18 pages)
  2. Selection Criteria for Source Characterization
    (PDF 43Kb, 3 pages)
  3. Background on Environmental Justice
    (PDF 35Kb, 2 pages)
  4. Habitat Projects
    (PDF 150Kb, 29 pages)
  5. PCB Action Descriptions
    (PDF 44Kb, 4 pages)
  6. Mercury Action Descriptions
    (PDF 87Kb, 12 pages)
  7. Total Maximum Daily Loads Process
    (PDF 42Kb, 3 pages)
  8. Human Health Resources and References
    (PDF 86Kb, 17 pages)
  9. Glossary and Acronyms
    (PDF 43Kb, 9 pages)


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