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Lake Huron Binational Partnership 2008-2010 Action Plan

The Lake Huron Binational Partnership effort  focuses on pollution reduction activities in areas of obvious importance, such as Areas of Concern (AOCs), and directly pursues on-the-ground activities to protect areas of high-quality habitat within the Lake Huron basin. Existing stakeholder and agency forums are used as much as possible to support the goals of the Partnership. The Partnership maintains a close association with the Remedial Action Plan efforts in AOCs, the Great Lakes Fishery Commission’s Lake Huron and Lake Huron Technical Committees, the State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference (SOLEC), and domestic efforts that support the Partnership.

This 2008-2010 Action Plan provides updated information on environmental trends, identifies priority issues, and promotes management activities to be pursued over the next two-year cycle. Consistent with an adaptive management approach, the Action Plan tracks progress on issues identified in the previous cycle, including contaminants in fish, changes in food web structure and protection of critical habitat, and has been expanded to address emerging issues, such as observed increases in nearshore algae and diseases such as botulism and viral hemorrhaghic septicemia (VHS)

Great Lakes Lakewide Management Plans (LaMPS)

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