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Research Vessel Lake Guardian

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Eda Lam

EPA researches and monitors the Great Lakes in its ship, the Research Vessel (R/V) Lake Guardian.

The Lake Guardian goes out twice a year on surveys (spring and summer). Scientists conduct research on the Lake Guardian. Monitoring programs sample the water, aquatic life, sediments and air to assess the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem.

The Lake Guardian is a vessel of opportunity for emergency response exercises with the US Coast Guard and others.

side view of Lake Guardian on the water

Research Vessel Lake Guardian on the water. See more Lake Guardian photos:

Facts about the R/V Lake Guardian

More information about the Lake Guardian

Conduct research on board the Lake Guardian

During monitoring surveys EPA offers the Lake Guardian as a ship of opportunity to scientists from federal and state government and and universities. We especially encourage research compatible with the standard sampling performed at each station (i.e., simple water and/or plankton samples which can be subsequently processed and analyzed).

Apply to do research on the Lake Guardian:

Great Lakes monitoring surveys

We use the data we collect to assess the general health of the Great Lakes system. We note improvements and stay abreast of new problems.

A survey generally involves sampling a standard set of parameters at 8-20 pre-established stations. We assess physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the water column at each station.

We often measure additional parameters in response to unique environmental conditions, such as the area of low dissolved oxygen that is seasonally present in Lake Erie.

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