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Software and Web Requirements
With the exceptions of the PAVA v1.0 script installation, and the requirement of ImageMagick, the task of accessing PAVA v1.0 on a network requires no other software on client systems other than a Web-browser.

System Requirements: PAVA v1.0 was written in PERL/CGI-script and MUST be:

  • Installed as a server-side application from within a firewall on a Linux or OS X server;
  • Accessed via Firefox or Safari exclusively (not accessible from Internet Explorer);
  • Installed on a computer housing ImageMagick
  • Full installation details are found in the README file on the downloadable installation package, or in the
    Quick-Start Guide, also located in the downloadable installation package.

The program is free to use, and there is no need for a license. The software is menu-driven, using a Web-based Graphical User Interface. This eases in the inputting of data, and the generation, evaluation and exportation of results.

Installation Overview
The PAVA v1.0 Quick-Start Guide included with the installation package provides details on how PAVA v1.0 must be installed and implemented as well as references to third-party open-source software package requirements, and an example of product use.

The installation packages includes:

  • Relevant scripts, images, and installation guide
  • PAVA v1.0 server-side HTML and images (required) (250kB)
  • PAVA v1.0 server-side PERL script (CGI) – required (5kB)
  • PAVA v1.0 Quick-Start Guide (PDF, 2 pages, 1 MB)
  • PAVA v1.0 movie (~2 minutes run-time)

Comments or questions on PAVA v1.0 should be sent to PAVA_Model@epa.gov. EPA welcomes comments that would be useful in future versions of the model.

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