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Human Exposure and Atmospheric Sciences

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Probabilistic Reverse dOsimetry Estimating Exposure Distribution (PROcEED) is a web-based application used to conduct probabilistic reverse dosimetry calculations. The tool is used for estimating a distribution of exposure concentrations likely to have produced biomarker concentrations measured in a population. Here we define biomarkers as the chemical or its metabolites that can be measured in human tissues or fluids.

PROcEED uses statistical methods to transform the distribution of measured biomarker concentrations to a potential distribution of unmeasured exposure concentrations. This transformation allows scientists to study the causes of exposure. Users can opt for either graphical representations of results, or export them to a text file. The tool is free to use and no license is required. Follow the links to the right to download PROcEED and its supporting documents and files.

Technical Contact
Cecilia Tan, Ph.D.

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