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Exposure Research

Human Exposure & Atmospheric Sciences Staff

Shaibal Mukerjee

Title: Research Physical Scientist

EPA Division: Human Exposure and Atmospheric Sciences Division

EPA Branch: Exposure Characterization and Apportionment Branch

Dr. Mukerjee has 20+ years experience in publishing atmospheric characterization and modeling studies related to exposure assessment. Specifically, he has conducted statistical data analyses to evaluate air quality, exposure method evaluations, land-use regression modeling, source apportionment modeling, and model applications in wind direction analyses. Air pollutants he studies include PM species, mercury, volatile organic compounds, and nitrogen dioxide. His exposure studies support epidemiologic studies of air pollutants and EPA Regional Applied Research Efforts (RARE).


  • Ph.D., Environmental Science, University of Cincinnati
  • M.S., Environmental Science, University of Cincinnati
  • B.S., Xavier University

Professional Experience:

  • Research Physical Scientist, NERL, RTP 1991-present

Select Awards and Honors:

  • Who's Who in America, 58th-60th Eds., 2004-2006
  • Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 5th Ed., 2000-01, 8th Ed., 2005-2006
  • Editorial board member, Dataset Papers in Geosciences, 2012
  • Editorial board member, The Scientific World Journal, 2011
  • Editorial board member, The Journal of Environmental Protection, 2010
  • USEPA Scientific and Technological Achievement Award (STAA), Passive Ambient Air Exposure Monitoring and Land Use Regression Modeling in the Detroit Children’s Health Study, 2011
  • USEPA Scientific and Technological Achievement Award (STAA), Contributions in Monitoring and Modeling Traffic and Urban Air Pollution for Children's Health Studies, 2008
  • USEPA Scientific and Technological Achievement Award (STAA), Assessment of air quality indicators and transboundary air pollution in the U.S.-Mexico Border Region, 2003
  • USEPA Scientific and Technological Achievement Award (STAA), Significant Advancement in Integrated Source Apportionment Techniques to Assess Emission Reduction Strategies, 1996
  • USEPA Bronze Medal, Mechanistic Indicators of Childhood Asthma Study (MICA) Team, 2011
  • USEPA Bronze Medal, Outstanding Research and Leadership in Forging a Federal-State Partnership for the U.S.-Mexico Border Lower Rio Grande Valley Exposure Study, 1996
  • ORD Teamwork Award, Exposure-Epidemiology Studies Team, 2010

Select Publications:

  • Guest editor/author for journal special issue Environmental Aspects of the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Environment International 1997; 23[5].
  • Guest editor/author for journal special issue U.S.-Mexico Transboundary Air Pollution Studies. The Science of the Total Environment 2001, 276[1-3].
  • Sather M.E., MUKERJEE S., Smith L., Mathew J., Jackson C., Callison R., Scrapper L., Hathcoat A., Adam J., Keese D., Ketcher P., Brunnete R., Karlstrom J., Van der Jagt G. Gaseous oxidized mercury dry deposition measurements in the Four Corners area and Eastern Oklahoma, U.S.A. Atmospheric Pollution Research 2013; 4.
  • Svendsen E.R., Gonzales M., MUKERJEE S., Smith L., Ross M., Walsh D., Rhoney S., Andrews G., Ozkaynak H., Neas L. GIS-modeled indicators of traffic-related air pollutants and adverse pulmonary health among children in El Paso, Texas. American Journal of Epidemiology 2012; 176(Suppl): S131-S141.
  • Johnson M.M., Isakov V., Touma J.S., MUKERJEE S., Ozkaynak H. Evaluation of land use regression models used to predict air quality concentrations in an urban area. Atmospheric Environment 2010; 44:3660-3668.
  • Somerville M.C., MUKERJEE S., Fox D.L. Estimating the wind direction of maximum air pollutant concentration. Environmetrics 1996; 7:231-243.

Published & Presented Research (1999-Present)

Contact Info:
Shaibal Mukerjee
Human Exposure & Atmospheric Sciences Division
National Exposure Research Laboratory
US EPA Office of Research and Development
109 TW Alexander Drive
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Telephone: 919-541-1865
Email: mukerjee.shaibal@epa.gov

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