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Exposure Research

Human Exposure & Atmospheric Sciences Staff

Daniel A. Vallero

Title: Research Physical Scientist

EPA Division: Human Exposure and Atmospheric Sciences Division

EPA Branch: Exposure Modeling Research Branch

Dr. Vallero is developing a system for prioritizing chemical ingredients based on their exposure potential. This includes both the inherent physicochemical properties as well as estimating the use and other human factors that may affect chemical exposures. His research also involves near-road exposures to toxic air pollutants.


  • Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering, Duke University, Durham, NC
  • M.S., Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
  • M.S., City and Regional Planning, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL
  • B.A., Earth Sciences & Psychology, Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL

Professional Experience:

  • Senior Environmental Research Scientist; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, National Exposure Research Laboratory, Research Triangle Park, NC, November 1990-present
  • Adjunct Professor, Duke University, Pratt School of Engineering, 2000-present
  • Adjunct Associate Professor, North Carolina Central University, 2012
  • Associate Professor, North Carolina Central University, January 2002-December 2003
  • Congressional Staff Member, U.S. House of Representatives, Subcommittee on Energy and Power, Washington, DC, 1993
  • Environmental Scientist and Planner, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 7, Kansas City, KS, May 1976-November 1990

Professional Societies and Affiliations:

  • Member, International Society of Exposure Science
  • Member, American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Member, International Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering
  • Member, National Institute of Engineering Ethics, Executive Board
  • Member, Online Ethics Committee, National Academy of Engineering
  • Trustee, Deepwater Horizon EPA Response Team
  • Member, American Society of Engineering Education
  • Member, Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors
  • Member, Science Advisory Board, Taconite Particulate Working Group, Lung Health Partnership, Minnesota Taconite Workers, University of Minnesota

Select Awards and Honors:

  • Scientific and Technological Achievement Award, Honorable Mention, 2010
  • Exceptional/Outstanding ORD Technical Assistance to the Regions or Program Offices, U.S. EPA, 2010
  • Best Paper (with P.A. Vesilind), American Society of Civil Engineers, 2006
  • Bronze Medals for Commendable Service, U.S. EPA, 1990, 1998 and 2005
  • National Commendations, Excellence in Response, World Trade Center (2002) and Gulf of Mexico (2011)

Select Presentations:

  • J. Mitchell-Blackwood, D. Vallero and V. Zartarian. “Exposure Based Prioritization: State of the Science.” 21st Annual Conference of the International Society of Exposure Science, Durham, NC, October 2011.
  • D. Vallero and P. Egeghy. Chairs. “Structured Panel Discussion on Exposure-Based Chemical Prioritization.” 21st Annual Conference of the International Society of Exposure Science, Durham, NC, October 2011.
  • J. Mitchell-Blackwood, S. Isukapalli, P. Georgopoulos and D. Vallero. “Application of Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis in Chemical Prioritization.” 21st Annual Conference of the International Society of Exposure Science, Durham, NC, October 2011.
  • D. Vallero and D. James. “Pedagogical Strategies to Address the Macroethics of Nanobiotechnologies.” 2011 Quest for Research Excellence: ORI Conference on Research Integrity, Washington, DC, August 29-30, 2011.
  • J. Richmond-Bryant, S.S. Isukapalli, and D.A. Vallero. “Characterization of Spatiotemporal Variability in Air Pollutant Concentrations within Complex Urban Environments.” American Association for Aerosol Research. Specialty Conference: Air Pollution and Health: Bridging the Gap from Sources to Health Outcomes. San Diego, CA, March 22-26, 2010
  • S. Kimbrough, R. Shores , D. Whitaker , B. Mitchell , R. Baldauf ,A. Vette , D. Vallero , C. Croghan , G. Hagler , J. Hirtz , V. Martinez and K. Black. “EPA/FHWA near-road study – Las Vegas implementation and experience.” American Association for Aerosol Research Specialty Conference. Pollutant and Population Exposure: Sources. San Diego, CA. March 22-26, 2010.

Select Publications:

  • Isaacs, K., McCurdy, T., Glen, G, M. Nysewander, A. Errickson, S. Forbes, S. Graham, L. McCurdy, L. Smith, N. Tulve and D. Vallero. Statistical properties of longitudinal time-activity data for use in human exposure. Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology. 10/2012; DOI:10.1038/jes.2012.94
  • Kimbrough, S., R.W. Baldauf, G.S.W. Hagler, R.C. Shores, W.A. Mitchell, D.A. Whitaker, C.W. Croghan and D.A. Vallero. Long-term continuous measurement of near-road air pollution in Las Vegas: Seasonal variability in traffic emissions impact on local air quality. Air Quality Atmosphere & Health 05/2012; DOI:0.1007/s11869-012-0171-x 2012.
  • Vallero, D. and Letcher, L. Engineering communication: Lessons learned from environmental disasters. Leadership and Management in Engineering 12(4):199-209. DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)LM.1943-5630.0000199. 2012.
  • Vallero, D. and Lioy, P. The 5-R’s: Reliable post-disaster exposure assessment. Leadership and Management in Engineering 12(4):247-253. DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)LM.1943-5630.0000200. 2012.
  • Vallero, D. and Letcher, T. (2012). Unraveling Environmental Disasters. Academic Press, Amsterdam, Netherlands, ISBN: 9780123970268.
  • Vallero, D.A. (2012). Chapter 6. Ethical decisions in emergent science, engineering and technologies. Miah, S. Editor (2012). Emerging Technology. Intech – Open Access Publisher. Rijeck, Croatia. ISBN: 979-953-307-622-4.

Published & Presented Research (1999-Present)

Contact Info:
Daniel A. Vallero
Human Exposure & Atmospheric Sciences Division
National Exposure Research Laboratory
US EPA Office of Research and Development
109 TW Alexander Drive
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Telephone: 919-541-3306
Email: vallero.daniel@epa.gov

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