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Exposure Research

Human Exposure & Atmospheric Sciences Staff

Walter S. Weathers

Title: Research Chemist

EPA Division: Human Exposure and Atmospheric Sciences Division

EPA Branch: Methods Development and Application Branch

Current research is focused on the developments of a method for the analysis of brominated flame retardants, specifically polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). PBDEs have been shown to be endocrine disruptor and neurotoxic compounds in animal studies. There is a need for better analytical procedures, especially for the higher molecular weight PBDEs in order to better ascertain the presence of these compounds in environmental matrices. Previous work focused on the analysis of atmospheric aerosols. Samples were collected using a five stage single orifice impactor. Disk samples were then analyzed by FT-IR using a unique solvent extraction method developed in this laboratory.


  • M.S., M.S.P.H., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, 1974
  • B.S., Chemistry, North Carolina Central University, 1968

Professional Experience:

  • Research Chemist, USEPA, ORD, 1980-present
  • Chemist, USEPA, OAQPS, 1975-1980

Select Awards and Honors:

  • USEPA, Sustained Performance Award

Select Publications:

  • Analysis of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in house dust and results from California homes participating in the SUPERB study. Weathers, W.S., M. Colón, A. Hines, A. King, N.S. Tulve, D.H. Bennett, R. E. Moran, I. Hertz-Picciotto Science of the total environment (Feb 2013).
  • Quantitative analysis of organophosphate and pyrethroid insecticides, pyrethroid transformation products, polybrominated diphenyl ethers and bisphenol A in residential surface wipe samples. Clifton, M. S., J.P. Wargo, W.S. Weathers, M. Colón, D. H. Bennett, N.S. Tulve. J. Chromatography A, 1273 (2013) 1-11.
  • A Method Using Ultrasonication Coupled with Solid Phase Microextraction (SPME) in the determination of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) in house dust.Weathers, W.S., M. Colón, A. Hines, A. King. SERMAC 2012, Raleigh, NC.
  • The Analysis of Polybrominated Diphenyl ethers in dust samples collected in homes of vulnerable populations. Weathers, W.S., M. Colón, A. Hines, A. King, 2011. 21st International Society of Exposure Science Conference, Baltimore, MD.
  • Combined Sample Preparation Methods for Selected Pyrethroids, Organophosphates, and Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Surface Wipe and Passive Air Samples. Clifton M.S., W.S. Weathers, M. Colón., A. Hines, A. King, M. Smarr 2008.18th Annual ISEA/ISEE Joint Conference, Pasadena, CA .
  • Weathers, W. 2002 Comments on “Size Distribution of Organonitrates in Ambient Aerosol Collected in Houston, Texas”. Aerosol Science and Technology, 36:983-992.

Published & Presented Research (1999-Present)

Contact Info:
Walter S. Weathers
Human Exposure & Atmospheric Sciences Division
National Exposure Research Laboratory
US EPA Office of Research and Development
109 TW Alexander Drive
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709
Telephone: 919-541-3913
Email: weathers.walter@epa.gov

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