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Photo collage of aluminum production processes and equipment

VAIP Partners have substantially reduced PFC emissions over the past decade. In 2004, emissions were 2.18 MMTCE (Million Metric Tons Carbon Equivalent) less compared to Business as Usual and emissions per tonne of aluminum produced (TCE/tonne) were 77% less than in 1990. This reduction is equivalent to eliminating emissions from over 1.5 million cars (assuming an average of 11,450 lbs CO2/car/year) in 2004 alone. Plus the environment receives this benefit annually for the over 10,000 year atmospheric lifetime of PFCs.

Figure 1 below shows the VAIP’s growing environmental benefits. The left-side, red bar represents total PFC emissions from partner companies under a “business as usual” (BAU) scenario where the industry takes no action to reduce emissions (using 1990 as the base year). (Note: BAU emissions vary annually due to changes in total production) The right-side, blue line represents the VAIP’s actual emissions and reflects their emission reduction efforts.

VAIP Accomplishments

VAIP Accomplishments bar graph depicting PFC emissions, showing them on the decline as stated in the text: Year/Business as Usual/VAIP (in Million Metric Tons of Carbon Equivalent): 1990/4.2/4.2; 1995/3.5/2.7; 1996/3.7/2.8; 1997/3.7/2.4; 1998/3.8/2.0; 1999/3.9/2.0; 2000/3.5/1.8; 2001/3.0/.9/; 2002/3.1/1.4; 2003/3.1/1.0/; 2004/3.0/.8
MMTCE = Million Metric Tons of Carbon Equivalent

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Under the Climate VISION program (www.climatevision.gov Exiting EPA), VAIP partners have reduced direct carbon intensity by 59% compared to 1990 and 29% compared to 2002.

Climate VISION

Climate VISION bar graph depicting Actual versus Projected TCE per tonnne Al. Year/Actual/Projected (in TCE/tonne Al): 1990/1.78/-; 2000/1.09/-; 2003/0.84/1.04; 2004/0.76/1.02; 2005/0.79/0.98; 2006/0.82/0.95; 2007/-/0.91; 2008/-/0.87; 2009/-/0.83/ 2010/-/0.82
TCE/tonne Al = Tonne of Coal Equivalent per tonne Al

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