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EPA'S Climate Protection Workshop for the Magnesium Industry

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5th Annual Global Magnesium Industry Climate Protection Workshop
2009 Annual World Magnesium Conference

The Fairmont Hotel
San Francisco, California
Sunday, May 31, 2009


In 2003, U.S. EPA’s Magnesium Industry Partners and IMA committed to eliminate SF6 emissions by year-end 2010. In May of 2009, U.S. partners had roughly 18 months to achieve their ambitious SF6 emissions elimination goal. The purpose of this workshop was to share critical information on how the magnesium industry is reducing and seeking to eliminate emissions of SF6, an extremely potent greenhouse gas commonly used for magnesium melt protection.

The presentations from the workshop are provided below.

Workshop Presentations:

1:00pmU.S. Actions to Address Climate Change

 Overview of U.S. EPA Climate Change Initiatives and Voluntary Partnership with the Magnesium Industry
Kirsten Cappel, U.S. EPA
Presentation (PDF) (15 pp., 548K)

 California's Approach to SF6 in Magnesium Casting
Elizabeth Scheehle, California Air Resources Board
Presentation (PDF) (19 pp., 128K)

1:50pmU.S. Partner Experience

 Meridian Magnesium Products of America SF6 Conversion Path
Chuck Woodburn, Meridian Technologies
Presentation (PDF) (57 pp., 796K)

2:30pmAlternative Technologies

 Critical Factors for SF6 Replacement Cover Gases
Dean Milbrath, Consultant
Presentation (PDF) (28 pp., 1.7MB)

 AM-Cover: The New System for Magnesium Melt Protection
Steve Erickson, Advanced Magnesium Limited
Presentation (PDF) (27 pp., 1.3MB)

 SF6 Conversion for Magnesium Melt Protection
Roger Desaulniers, Polycontrols
Presentation (PDF) (15 pp., 1.5MB)

3:50pmEPA Measurement Study Results

 Cooperative Studies of Magnesium Melt Protection Technologies: Alternative Cover Gases in Ingot and Die Casting Applications
Jeremy Scharfenberg, ICF International
Presentation (PDF) (15 pp., 336K)

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