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About HPV Chemical Hazard Characterizations

This Web page describes EPA’s characterization of screening-level hazard (toxicity) data submitted to or otherwise available to the Agency on high production volume chemicals through the HPV Challenge Program. Development of these hazard characterizations is EPA's initial step to use data collected as part of the HPV program in the Agency’s efforts to protect human health and the environment from potential harm posed by HPV chemicals. Future HPV hazard characterizations will be released on a monthly basis.

How the Hazard Characterizations Are Prepared

Hazard characterizations are prepared from EPA's scientific review of the screening-level hazard data set contained within each HPV Challenge Program submission as well as data identified from a targeted search of publicly available sources of information specifically relevant to characterizing hazards. Hazard characterizations are based on available data for a specific set of "SIDS" (Screening Information Data Set) endpoints that provide basic information on the physical/chemical properties, environmental fate characteristics, and health and environmental effects of chemicals. When identified in the HPV submission or from searching publicly available sources, data for non-SIDS endpoints (e.g. irritation, sensitization, cancer, neutotoxicity and immunotoxicity) are also included in the hazard characterization. Agency reviews are performed according to established HPV Challenge Program guidelines and EPA risk assessment guidance.

Contents of Hazard Characterizations

Hazard characterizations for chemicals and chemical categories include:

EPA hazard characterizations also identify if there are any data gaps for chemicals, which will serve as the basis for a subsequent data-needs assessment where deemed necessary.

Background -- EPA's Process for Reviewing HPV Hazard Data

EPA is using a tiered process to prioritize and structure the review of HPV Challenge Program submissions to characterize the potential hazards of HPV chemicals. The process consists of two tiers:

Next Steps: Evaluating Risks of HPV Chemicals

In addition to continuing to prepare hazard characterization documents on the HPV chemicals, EPA has begun work on developing Risk-based Prioritization of HPV Chemicals Documents. These documents present information drawn from the screening-level Hazard Characterization, Exposure Characterization, and Risk Characterization documents prepared from submissions under the HPV Challenge Program and the 2006 Inventory Update Reporting (IUR).

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