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IAQ Tribal Partners Program

Working with the Media

Working with the media can be beneficial in publicizing your indoor air quality (IAQ) messages and getting the word out about any activities or events that raise awareness about IAQ in your community. Successful media outreach can earn you a larger audience for your messages, draw more participants to your activities and events, and can result in access to and leveraging of new resources.

Media Spotlight: Aberdeen Area Tribal Chairmen's Health Board

The Aberdeen Area Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board (AATCHB) has come up with a unique approach for using media. AATCHB developed creative public service announcements for the radio. The Health Board chose three languages that encompassed large regions and then developed four radio public service announcements for each of the three native languages they chose. To develop a strong media campaign, AATCHB recommends that you know your audience and create different materials tailored for each audience.

To learn more about how the Aberdeen Area Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board is addressing IAQ, check out the Northern Plains Tobacco Prevention Project (NPTPP) exiting EPAand the Northern Plains Smoke-Free Homes Campaign. The NPTPP also publishes a newsletter (PDF) exiting EPA directed toward public health professionals and proactive community members, featuring various topics in tobacco control and health promotion.


For suggestions and tips on working with the media for IAQ outreach events or initiatives, the information from EPA’s National Radon Action Month Event Planning Kit and EPA’s Asthma Awareness Month Event Planning Kit can be used and adapted for your specific needs.

EPA’s Map of National Radon Month Activities or EPA’s National Map of Asthma Programs on  AsthmaCommunityNetwork.org exiting EPA can help you identify other community organizations for partnership in your area.

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Plan Community Programs

For inquiries from the media, see a complete list of EPA's Media contacts.

We want your input

Have you planned a successful and sustainable community program? If so, we would like to know. Please send us an e-mail at iaqtribal@epa.gov describing the program, and that program could be highlighted on this Web page. We will follow up with the program directly to gather more information and permission to use their story.

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