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Tribal Indoor Air Quality Programs in the Spotlight

The following tribal IAQ champions graciously shared their stories so that others can better serve their communities. Read on to learn how these stellar programs overcame challenges to form successful IAQ initiatives.

The Navajo Nation EPA Radon Program

The Navajo Nation Environmental Protection Agency (NNEPA) Radon Program serves as a liaison between several governmental and tribal organizations to address uranium contamination. In addition, the radon program focuses on educating students and teachers in Navajo immersion schools on the importance of testing for radon and other issues associated with poor indoor air quality. Their ability to bring the right people together and engage the community effectively has led to this program's successes.
Read about the Navajo EPA Radon Program

Cowlitz Tribe Weatherization Program

The Cowlitz Weatherization Program is the first of its kind in the state of Washington. They are closing the gap between weatherization and indoor air quality in tribes throughout northwest Washington by building understanding of the issues, creating partnerships and training and mentoring others to successfully address weatherization and indoor air quality in their own communities.

Read about the Cowlitz Weatherization Program.

The Tribal IAQ Summit Workgroup

The Tribal IAQ Summit Workgroup uses a collaborative approach to increase the impact of tribes’ efforts to manage indoor air quality and improve community health for tribes in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Read more about the Tribal IAQ Summit Workgroup

The Tulalip Tribes Indoor Air Program

The Tulalip Tribes Indoor Air Program launched the Healthy Homes Working Group, an initiative of tribes in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska that focuses on effective asthma control and environmental interventions in their communities.

Read the Tulalip Tribes Spotlight

The Bois Forte Indoor Air Quality Program

The Bois Forte Indoor Air Quality Program acted swiftly and aggressively to tackle mold and moisture problems in its community members’ homes after several residents became ill as a result of environmental exposures. Their hard work and strategic planning shaped a nationally-recognized IAQ program that has achieved outstanding, measurable impacts for its community's health.

Read the Bois Forte Spotlight

The Native Asthma Intervention & Reduction (AIR) Asthma Education Program:

The Native AIR Asthma Education Program began in 2006 to help tribal families in seven Montana reservations learn about asthma, asthma triggers, and how to prevent or control asthma. They created interactive educational materials to help children learn to visually identify triggers in their environment and track their progress. For their caregivers, the program created information about how to identify what environmental factors trigger their children’s asthma, and how to manage those environmental triggers. With a grant through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the reservations’ Project Community Leaders have formed strong partnerships with youth-focused organizations and agencies, hold educational area meetings for youth and adults, and post upcoming events on the program's Website to spearhead their efforts to raise awareness about the management of environmental asthma triggers. Visit the Native AIR Asthma Education Website exiting EPA to learn more about this innovative program. Contact: Sharlene Brown, Sharlene.Brown@nau.edu, (928) 523-5504

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