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Players in the Process

EPA Program Office

EPA program offices develop Information Collection Requests (ICRs) and must ensure they have active ICRs, approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), for all of their information collection activities.

Office of Environmental Information

The Office of Environmental Information (OEI) tracks and reviews all ICRs and submits them to OMB. Each office in the Environmental Protection Agency has an assigned Desk Officer in OEI.

Office of Management and Budget

OMB reviews, comments on, and approves or disapproves ICRs. Legally, a collection cannot begin without OMB approval.

The Public

The public plays an important role in the ICR process. The public is encouraged to request copies of ICRs and to provide comments. These comments are vital to ensure that the federal government estimates the public burden accurately, uses the most efficient collection method, and collects relevant information.

Members of the public may request and comment on an ICR at any time. The most common time is during the preparation and approval process. Comments may be sent to the Environmental Protection Agency in email or in writing. Even after the request is approved, the public may still send comments to EPA.


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