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Indoor airPLUS Program

How to Participate in the Indoor airPLUS Program

The Indoor airPLUS Partnership is a voluntary program that is free to join. Together, Indoor airPLUS and Partners promote indoor air quality in new homes as an easy and desirable option for homebuyers to help protect their health and the environment. Partners receive public recognition for their involvement in Indoor airPLUS and their role in protecting human health and the environment. Technical assistance, resources, tools and marketing materials are available at no cost.

Partnership is available for:

  • Home Builders: The Indoor airPLUS Builder Partnership is for builders that build homes with the Indoor airPLUS Construction Specifications and are third party verified.
  • Home Energy Raters and Providers: The Indoor airPLUS Home Energy Raters and Providers Partnership is for companies that verify and label Indoor airPLUS qualified homes.
  • Allies: The Indoor airPLUS Ally Partnership is for public and private organizations that promote Indoor airPLUS for public benefit purposes. For more information on becoming an Indoor airPLUS Ally, email the Indoor airPLUS team.

Get Started!

Step 1: Review the benefits...

Review the benefits and requirements

Step 2: Join the partnership...

**ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Partnership is a prerequisite for builder and Verifier Indoor airPLUS partnerships.**

Only Indoor airPLUS partners may use Indoor airPLUS logos and promotional materials. Read the Promotional Guidelines (PDF) (12 pp, 3.9 M). EPA encourages ENERGY STAR partners to also become Indoor airPLUS partners.

Step 3: Build and Label Homes...

Build and Label Homes to meet the Indoor airPLUS Construction Specifications

A certified home energy rater must verify compliance using the Indoor airPLUS Verification Checklist (PDF) (2 pp, 314 K).

  • Read the Labeling and reporting instructions (HTML)
  • Completed Verification Checklists should be submitted to the Rating Provider and kept on file with ENERGY STAR home documentation.

LABEL qualified homes. HERS Raters and Providers Contact Us for Indoor airPLUS labels and certificates.

Step 4: Promote your company...

Promote your company and Indoor airPLUS to keep a market advantage

Contact Us for program logos and sample advertisements by email: Indoor_airPLUS@epa.gov

Sign Up for email updates on EPA's Indoor airPLUS program.

Get these free materials to help you build and promote Indoor airPLUS qualified homes.

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