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Use these free tools (Web Buttons and Widgets) to help market your participation in Indoor airPLUS.


Web buttons and widgets are a small piece of Web programming code that makes a useful and interesting graphic appear on your blog, wiki, or Web page. To add a web button or widget, you must be able to edit your Web page. If you need help in adding a button or widget to your Web page, please contact your Webmaster or service provider.

Learn more about widgets.

Web Buttons

Copy the appropriate html code or image below and insert it into your web page. You can also include a short or longer description to accompany the web button.

  • Short description: Learn how to employ a variety of construction practices and technologies to decrease the risk of poor indoor air quality and join the growing number of affiliates building Indoor airPLUS qualified homes.
  • Long description: As part of the Indoor airPLUS mission to build healthy and comfortable homes, builders can employ a variety of construction practices and technologies to decrease the risk of poor indoor air quality in their new homes. Construction specifications include moisture and mold control, radon resistant construction, pest barriers, effective heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems, safe combustion and healthier building materials.

Static JPEG version:

Copy and paste this image into your page, you can also copy this code:

<a href="http://www.epa.gov/indoorairplus"  target="_blank"><img src="http://www.indoorairplus/images/web_button.jpg";IAP Web Button" style="border:none;" width="137" height="200"/>"Enter Short or Long description here"</a>

Flash Version

Copy this code into your page (Get the free media player):

<object width="137" height="200"><param name="movie"
value="learn_more.swf"><embed src="http://www.epa.gov/indoorairplus/images/
learn_more.swf" width="137" height="200"></embed></object>

Indoor airPLUS Widget

These widgets provide information about Indoor airPLUS and a link to the Indoor airPLUS website. To use any of these widgets, copy and paste the code into your Web page. Learn more about widgets

<iframe FRAMEBORDER="0" WIDTH="150" HEIGHT="300" id="indoorairplus"

<iframe FRAMEBORDER="0" WIDTH="175" HEIGHT="225" id="indoorairplus"

<iframe FRAMEBORDER="0" WIDTH="200" HEIGHT="65" id="indoorairplus"

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