Pathfinder Innovation Projects: Awardees for 2013

The third year of Pathfinder Innovation Projects represents a shift toward the original vision of the PIP program: kick-starting a variety of projects on different time and funding scales, an approach that matches the gated opportunities provided by other innovative organizations.

Stay tuned for full updates on these projects:

  • Aimen Farraj will develop a rapid design for studying particulate matter toxicity using zebrafish heart rates.
  • Christian Daughton will examine a vulnerability in how chemicals are selected and tested for risk assessments, a bias known as the Matthew Effect.
  • Timothy Shafer and William Mundy will develop a method to screen chemicals for developmental neurotoxicity by looking at the responses of neuron networks grown in the lab.
  • Jay Garland will develop a proof-of-concept demonstration of direct water collection from the xylem of the common summer grapevine (Vitis aestivalis) using a nanotube interface. 

  • David Meyer will combine chemical exposure data and risk science into a life cycle assessment framework. 
  • Craig Patterson will investigate the regeneration of carbon slurry containing titanium dioxide nanoparticles activated by sunlight / visible light to remove organic contaminants from wastewater.