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Accessibility Support Services


Entering Intranet
Many links on this site are available to EPA Intranet users only. If you are an outside contractor working for EPA, please contact your EPA representative for more information. If you are another federal agency or other party interested in EPA's web policies and procedures, please contact EPA through the "Contact Us" page on this site.

EPA provides support services to staff who are responsible for ensuring the accessibility of the agency's electronic and information technology, and also to employees who require assistive technology. This page provides information about the following accessibility support services.

Section 508 Workgroup

The Section 508 workgroup is made up of members from each AA/RAship. The workgroup works with the Section 508 Coordinator in an advisory capacity. For more information, please contact Amanda Sweda, EPA's Section 508 Coordinator. Ms. Sweda works in the Office of Environmental Information (OEI) at Headquarters. (sweda.amanda@epa.gov or 202-566-0678). Please note, some AA/RAships have designated an additional 508 Coordinator for their office to address specific processes within their AA/RAships.

Assistive Technology Center (ATC)

EPA's Assistive Technology Center was established by the Office Of Environmental Information (OEI) with special funding provided through the Office Human Resources' (OHR) Human Capital Innovation Fund. The ATC opened on October 1st, 2003 and is one of thirteen federal Assistive Technology Centers in the Washington, DC area.

Web and Application Development Services Entering Intranet

Section 508 accessibility assessment, development assistance, remediation, or customized training can be obtained through the Web and Application Development Services team (a Working Capital Fund service - Service Code TZ). The Web Dev team will provide you with a detailed cost estimate based on your requirements. The total cost to assess the accessibility status of a product or to bring a Web site/application into compliance with Section 508 depends on the site's complexity and size. Contact Kevin Maxfield (202-566-1353) in the Office of Environmental Information, Office of Technology Operations and Planning for details or visit the Web Dev website.

Systems Engineering Center

Assistance can also be obtained through EPA's Systems Engineering Center (SEC). The total cost depends on your site's complexity and size. The SEC will provide a detailed cost estimate. Contact Steve Hufford (202-566-2792) in the Office of Environmental Information, Office of Technology Operations and Planning for details. Information is also available online at http://intranet.epa.gov/sec Entering Intranet or http://www.eseconnection.com.Exit EPA Disclaimer

National Computer Center

The National Computer Center (NCC) at RTP provides Section 508 remediation service to its Working Capital Fund (WCF) customers using contractor support from CSC under the Information Technology Solutions -- EPA (ITS-EPA) Contract. NCC has provided this service to about half-a-dozen major EPA customers and to date the ITS-EPA contractor at RTP has fixed thousands of non-508-compliant web pages.

This service is provided under WCF Service Code TZ (Technical Consulting). Please contact Mark Fisher (919-541-1342), TZ Service Manager, for further details.

Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP)

EPA is a partner in the Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP) within the Department of Defense. CAP is the Federal Government's centrally funded accommodations program. In October 2000, CAP was granted authority to provide information technology, devices, and services to any department or agency in the Federal Government upon the request of the head of the agency. CAP provides assessments and accommodations for individuals with hearing, visual, dexterity, cognitive and communication disabilities. More information on using CAP.

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