International Cooperation

Export Promotion at EPA

"When it comes to technology that conserves resources and protects the environment, America leads the rest of the world by a mile. This is largely thanks to the value Americans place on environmental protection and to the innovation of our entrepreneurs.” 

Former EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson

EPA is utilizing our expertise to protect the environment and improve our economy by promoting the export of U.S. environmental solutions.
In 2011, the United States environmental technologies industry had an international trade surplus supported by $320 billion in revenues and exports of $48 billion.  The industry also includes approximately 61,000 small and medium sized businesses and supports an estimated 1.7 million U.S. jobs.  (Environmental Business International) 
This industry offers great potential gains in environmental quality and human health in other parts of the world, particularly in countries whose economies are developing or in transition. The export of these environmental goods and services also translates into more jobs and economic activity at home.
EPA is working with other federal agencies, environmental technologies trade associations, and global stakeholders to weave its analyses of critical environmental issues into U.S. export promotion infrastructure. This is part of a new environmental technology export strategy to help create American jobs in the growing environmental industry. This strategy was launched by Former EPA Administrator Jackson and Department of Commerce Secretary John E. Bryson at EPA’s first Technology Market Summit in May 2012. This initiative will promote American environmental technology, products and services in the global marketplace.

Environmental Technology Exporters Portal

Former Administrator Jackson launches the Environmental Solutions Exporter Portal. (October 2012)
The Environmental Solutions Exporter Portal is an on-line hub for our efforts.  It was developed in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Commerce and with the support of other federal agency partners.  It includes information about government programs, events, and analysis to support the export of U.S. environmental solutions.
The portal features the U.S. Environmental Solutions Toolkit – a user-friendly database that can be read on a variety of mobile devices that highlights scientific analysis, regulatory structures, and some examples of U.S. companies offering relevant solutions. 
The portal was introduced by Former Administrator Jackson and Department of Commerce Under Secretary for International Trade Francisco J. Sanchez, at the annual conference of the Water Environment Federation (WEFTEC) in October 2012.
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For more information on EPA’s export promotion efforts, contact:
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