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AIRNow International Launch at Shanghai Expo

The Shanghai EPB will provide data throughout the Expo for a number of pollutants, including particulate matter.

From May-October 2010, China hosted a World’s Fair in Shanghai, called the Shanghai Expo 2010. Exit EPA disclaimer

As part of the Expo, EPA and the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) launched AIRNow International, with real-time air quality data reporting from the World Expo site.

AIRNow International-Shanghai builds on Shanghai’s existing air quality monitoring network and capability in analyzing air quality data. Shanghai is using the same technology developed by EPA’s AIRNow program to gather air quality data and deliver it to the public via the Internet. EPA’s technical assistance has helped Shanghai begin reporting the data to the public. EPA and Shanghai EPB unveiled AIRNow-I at the Shanghai Expo in May 2010.


Clean Air and Energy Collaboration

EPA and China have been cooperating on a variety of clean air and energy issues over the past decade to improve air quality in Chinese cities, including:

  • advanced air quality modeling to better understand air pollution sources, and
  • reducing emissions from vehicles, power plants and other industries.


The Shanghai Expo

A World Expo is a public exhibition that highlights the culture and industry of individual countries. The Shanghai Expo’s theme, “Better City, Better Life,” focuses on improvement of quality of life in the world’s cities. More than 175 countries will have a presence at the Expo through country pavilions.

The goal of this work is to promote clean air in Shanghai, China and beyond.

The United States pavilion received 500,000 visitors in the first two weeks of the Shanghai Expo, and expects a total of 6 million visitors throughout the summer. Approximately 70 million visitors (including 60 million from China) are expected to attend the Expo.

The first Expo was held in 1851, and Expos have been held every few years since then. Each participating country creates a national pavilion to represent its people, culture and businesses to visitors from around the world. The United States has hosted 17 Expos, most recently in 1984 in New Orleans.



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For additional information on EPA's work in China, contact:
Luis Troche
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of International and Tribal Affairs (2670R)
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20460
E-mail: troche.luis@epa.gov
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