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Survey Management Handbook

April 2011 - Vol. 30

Federal vs. State: Federal

Description: The Survey Management Handbook provides guidance on the conduct, design and analysis of environmental surveys. The Handbook is written for use by both statisticians and non-statisticians and provides practical advice on many aspects of survey research. The Handbook and the Guide to Secondary Information Products are the first in a number of OEI information publications that will provide guidance in developing quality information products.

Contact Information:
- AAship: Office of Environmental Information
- EPA Office/Organization: Office of Environmental Information/Office of Information Analysis and Access
Barry Nussbaum, 202-566-1493

Expected Release: N/A

Comment Period: None available
Stakeholder/Public Involvement Method(s): Stakeholder or expert consultation, E-mail/Listserv
How to Access Draft Product: No URL Available

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