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CMAQ-WRF (Weather Research Forecast)

April 2011 - Vol. 30

Federal vs. State: Federal

Description: The Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) modeling system was developed by the EPA National Exposure Research Laboratory in 1999. CMAQ is a modeling framework available to air quality regulators, policy makers, industry, and scientists to address multi-scale, multi-pollutant air quality concerns. The CMAQ has a unique framework and science design that enables scientists and regulators to build their own modeling system to suit their needs. Users can access pre-installed modeling systems provided by the EPA or can incorporate their own modeling systems to work within the existing framework software. The NOAA and EPA have developed an operational Air Quality Forecasting System for the contiguous United States. The system, which couples NOAA's WRF (Weather Research Forecast) meteorological model with EPA's CMAQ model, provides public forecasts of hourly, peak 1- and 8-hour ozone (O3) concentrations throughout the summer of 2007. In order to characterize the performance of the modeling system a suite of statistical metrics that facilitates evaluation of both discrete-type forecasts (observed versus modeled concentrations of O3) and categorical-type forecasts (observed versus modeled exceedances of both the maximum 1-hr and 8-hr standards for O3) will be applied over various temporal and spatial resolutions. Ozone data from more than 1000 monitors obtained from EPA's AIRNOW monitoring network will be used in the evaluation. Model will be available for download from http://www.cmascenter.org/.

Contact Information:
- AAship: Office of Research and Development
- EPA Office/Organization: National Exposure Research Laboratory,National Exposure Research Laboratory
Brian Eder, 919-541-3994, 919-541-1379 (FAX),
Robin Baily, 919-541-7906, 919-541-0602 (FAX),

Expected Release: N/A

Comment Period: None available
Stakeholder/Public Involvement Method(s): Forum(s)/Workshop(s), Stakeholder or expert consultation, Other
How to Access Draft Product: ams.confex.com/ams/88Annual/techprogram/paper_133210.htm

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