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Bio-reactor Landfill State of the Practice Report

April 2011 - Vol. 30

Federal vs. State: Federal

Description: EPA has developed and is in the process of publishing a report documenting the current practice of operating municipal sanitary landfills as bio-reactors. A bio-reactor landfill is one in which liquids are introduced to accelerate the microbial degradation of the waste. This is a relatively new concept that is being tested in a number of facilities around the country. The advantages of accelerating degradation include increased opportunity to recover useful gas, reduced period of time needed to provide leachate and other environmental controls, increased disposal capacity, and earlier achievement of site stability. This study describes current technical practices, operating experiences, and environmental impacts. For further information, please contact Thabet Tolaymat (information listed below), or Jennifer Goetz at goetz.jennifer@epa.gov or 513-569-7899.

Contact Information:
- AAship: Office of Research and Development
- Co-Developer: Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
- EPA Office/Organization: Office of Research and Development/National Risk Management Research Laboratory
Thabet Tolaymat, 513-487-2860

Expected Release: N/A

Comment Period: None available
Stakeholder/Public Involvement Method(s): Stakeholder meeting(s), Forum(s)/Workshop(s), Stakeholder or expert consultation, Survey(s)/Questionnaire(s)
How to Access Draft Product: No URL Available

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