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Cleanups in My Community

April 2011 - Vol. 30

Federal vs. State: Federal

Description: This web application currently provides access via one search function to information on cleanups under the Brownfields, RCRA Corrective Action, and Superfund programs. People can use CIMC to find cleanups in a wide variety of geographies, and then drill down to additional data on those cleanups, as collected by EPA. Cleanups can be shown on an interactive map, or provided in a list, the latter allowing the application to be 508 compliant. Cleanups can be viewed on the map relative to water monitoring stations, water bodies and streams, and viewed on a background showing street geography or topography. Lists are set up for download as XML, CSV and other formats for further analysis and mash-ups. CIMC is working on new enhancements to the data provided via CIMC (linking with state data and/or emergency response sites) and changes that will facilitate maintenance of the system. CIMC is only accessible via the web address listed below. Input is always welcome through the "Contact Us" link.

Contact Information:
- AAship: Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
- EPA Office/Organization: Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response/Office of Program Management/Information Management and Data Quality Staff
Lisa Jenkins, 202-566-1941, 202-566-1952 (FAX),

Expected Release: December 2010

Comment Period: None available
Stakeholder/Public Involvement Method(s): Stakeholder meeting(s)
How to Access Draft Product: www.epa.gov/cimc

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