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Watershed Resource Registry

April 2011 - Vol. 30

Federal vs. State: State

Description: The Watershed Resource Registry (WRR) is a geographic information systems (GIS) based tool intended to integrate the Clean Water Act (CWA) authorities. WRR can be used to analyze watersheds for a variety of conditions in order to create a database of opportunity sites for the protection of high quality resources, restoration of impaired resources and improvement of stormwater management. WRR facilitates the implementation of CWA Sections 319, 401, 402 and 404.

Contact Information:
- AAship: Region 3
- EPA Office/Organization: Water Protection Division
Ralph Spagnolo, 215-814-2718

Expected Release: N/A

Comment Period: None available
Stakeholder/Public Involvement Method(s): Stakeholder meeting(s), Forum(s)/Workshop(s)
How to Access Draft Product: No URL Available

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