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How to Get Involved

Comments on Significant Information Products
Some of the products included in the IPB offer an opportunity for stakeholder and public input. If you are interested in getting more detailed information about stakeholder and public input opportunities for specific products, please use the contact information in each product description.

Please note that some products included in the IPB do not offer an opportunity for public input between now and final publication. Many of these products are near completion, are routinely produced documents, and/or have already completed their stakeholder and public review processes. Others are technical documents that undergo a rigorous scientific and/or technical peer review process.

How Does the Stakeholder and Public Involvement Process Work?
Stakeholders and the public can become involved in the development of significant information products in different ways, depending upon the individual product. These methods are described in Table 1 (Stakeholder and Public Involvement Methods used by EPA and the States for Developing Significant Information Products). The product descriptions included in the IPB list the stakeholder and public involvement method(s) expected to be used.

To determine which involvement method(s) to use for any product, EPA and the States must consider the purpose of producing the product and the target audience, and the available resources, time frame, and other possible limitations. For example, it might be suitable to obtain stakeholder and public input through face-to-face meetings. In other cases, one or more electronic communication methods may reach a wider interested audience. EPA and the States often use a combination of involvement methods to reach the broadest audience possible.

Questions or Comments About the IPB
If you have any questions or comments about the effectiveness or usability of the IPB, please contact:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Environmental Information/Office of Information Analysis and Access/Information Access Division
Phone:  (202) 566-0668, FAX:  (202) 566-0669


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