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List of IRIS Substances

For additional assistance or questions about IRIS, contact the IRIS Hotline at (202) 566-1676 (phone), (202) 566-1749 (FAX) or hotline.iris@epa.gov (email).

An Overview of the IRIS Web site

Welcome to the IRIS Web site & Database! This overview provides you with some information to help you navigate IRIS and understand the subject matter. This website conveys information on assessments posted to the database by the EPA’s IRIS Program as well as assessments under development.

For substances with assessments posted to the database, the IRIS website presents health effects information using three different formats:

For assessments under development, the IRIS website provides a tracking tool to help you monitor the status of upcoming substance assessments:

The A to Z List of IRIS Substances provides links to each of these health assessment formats and IRISTrack.

Quick View

The IRIS QuickView presents a snapshot of the information available in the IRIS Summary and is intended to be a quick reference guide to key carcinogenic and noncarcinogenic data for each substance contained in the IRIS database. See either the IRIS Summary or the Toxicological Review for a more complete description and greater context.

The format of the QuickView parallels that of the IRIS Summary.

IRIS Summary

The IRIS Summary provides IRIS toxicity values and brief summaries of the information supporting those values, including the critical effect, the principal and supporting studies, uncertainty factors, and key references.  The IRIS Summary also includes a revision history and list of synonyms for a given substance.

For more thorough analysis and documentation, a link to the pdf of the Toxicological Review is available on the IRIS Summary page for substances posted to the database since 1997.

Toxicological Review

The Toxicological Review provides scientific support and rationale for the hazard and dose-response risk information in IRIS human health assessments. All Toxicological Reviews are subjected to a full and open independent expert peer review process, including opportunity for public review and comment. Included in the document is information on chemical and physical properties, toxicokinetics, available pharmacokinetic modeling, hazard identification, mode-of-action and dose-response, as well as reference doses (RfD), reference concentrations (RfC), cancer slope factors and unit risks, and cancer descriptors that can be utilized in risk assessments. Toxicological Reviews are available for assessments posted to the IRIS database since 1997.


The IRIS substance assessment tracking system (IRISTrack) is a compilation of status reports for EPA's IRIS assessments currently in progress. The status report shows the anticipated dates of major milestones, detailing where the substance assessment is in its development.

IRISTrack Milestones:

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