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IRIS Bimonthly Public Meeting (April 2014)

UPDATE: Thanks for the great turn-out and response to our April Meeting, presentations are now available under the meeting materials tab.

EPA hosted a Bimonthly IRIS public meeting to provide an opportunity for the public to give input and participate in an open discussion regarding preliminary materials that were prepared for IRIS chemicals prior to the development of the draft assessment. This included the following chemicals:

Meeting Objective:

The objective of this public meeting was to obtain input from stakeholders and the public on the studies and data that will be used in these two assessments that are under development. Specifically, EPA was seeking input on preliminary materials including draft literature searches and associated search strategies, the approach for the selection of primary studies to be included in the evidence tables, the approach for evaluating methodological features of studies, evidence tables, and exposure-response arrays prior to the development of the IRIS assessments.

In response to stakeholder requests, and as discussed in the recent IRIS enhancements, EPA included scoping and planning information as part of the preliminary materials for these chemicals. This was provided for informational purposes only.

In addition, the IRIS Program was using the April meeting to explore a new format intended to promote public discussion. This new format was designed to explore varying scientific perspectives from a diverse set of stakeholders on key science issues for the two assessments in question. Stakeholders were given an opportunity to suggest additional key science issues to discuss at the meeting.

The new format was responsive to public comments heard at the IRIS December 2013 Bimonthly Public Meeting and reflects the IRIS Program’s continuing evolution in response to public comments and peer review advice. Also read the Special message from the IRIS Program (PDF) (2pp, 70Kb) that was released prior to the meeting.


The meeting was held on April 23, 2014 from 10:00 - 4:00pm Eastern Time.


The meeting was held in the EPA Conference Center at 2777 South Crystal Drive, Arlington, Virginia 22202. The meeting was also streamed by webinar/teleconference for remote participants.


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