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IRIS Bimonthly Public Meeting (October 2013)

UPDATE: Due to the Federal Government shutdown, the IRIS Bimonthly Public Meeting originally scheduled for October 23rd has been cancelled. The chemicals scheduled for discussion at the October meeting have been added to the agenda for the next IRIS Bimonthly Public Meeting scheduled for December 12-13, 2013.

This EPA public meeting was to provide an opportunity for input and discussion on preliminary materials for IRIS chemicals prior to the development of the assessments for the following chemicals:

This meeting would have also given an opportunity for the public to provide input and discussion on the draft assessment and charge to the peer review panel prior to external peer review for the following chemical:

Meeting Objective:

The objective of this public meeting is to obtain input from stakeholders and the public on the studies and data that may be used to characterize hazard and exposure-response relationships and to develop toxicity values. Specifically, EPA is seeking input on preliminary materials including draft literature searches and associated search strategies, evidence tables, and exposure-response arrays for chemicals prior to the development of the IRIS assessments. Additionally, this meeting will provide the public an opportunity to engage in early discussions on the draft IRIS assessments and draft charges to the peer review panels prior to external peer review. The discussions in this meeting will inform the development of the draft IRIS assessments. [Federal Register Notice: Aug 9, 2013]


The October meeting has been CANCELLED due to the Federal Government shutdown. The next bimonthly public meeting will be held December 12-13, 2013.

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