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Methanol (Noncancer) Peer Review Meeting (June 2013)

Notice: This meeting was scheduled for June 26th, in Research Triangle Park, NC.

EPA is seeking additional public comment and external peer review of the scientific basis supporting the human health hazard and dose-response assessment of methanol (noncancer). IRIS Review of methanol noncancer web site.

Teleconference Details:

The public may participate in the teleconference by using the call-in number and conference code below. Members of the public who have registered to speak will be given the opportunity to make a short presentation to the peer reviewers at the start of the meeting (presentation instructions will be sent to the registered individuals separately). These short presentations will be followed by a discussion by the peer review panel members about their initial comments on the revised 2013 External Review Draft Toxicological Review of Methanol (noncancer). Please contact the EPA contact if you have any questions about the teleconference.

Charge to Peer Reviewers:

Provide comments on how well the revised draft methanol (noncancer) toxicological review and appendices address key comments made at the 2011 external peer review meeting, with consideration of related public comments received by June 17, 2013.

EPA contact :

Jeff Gift
Email: gift.jeff@epa.gov
Ph: 919-541-4828

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