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IRIS Public Stakeholder Meeting

EPA held a public stakeholder meeting on November 13, 2012 in Arlington Virginia, on the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) Program. The goal of the meeting was to hear the views of the IRIS Program's many stakeholders about IRIS and changes that are underway to improve the Program.

We are committed to proactively engaging stakeholders, increasing transparency, and using the best available science to develop IRIS assessments. This public meeting is the beginning of an ongoing dialogue about IRIS. Environmental protection decisions, based in part on EPA's IRIS assessments, can have potentially large impacts on the environment, human health and the economy. Because of this, it is important that EPA benefit from stakeholder and scientific engagement to support the best decisions possible.

IRIS Public Stakeholder Meeting
November 13, 2012
EPA South Potomac Yards Building
Crystal City, Virginia

12:30-1:00    Registration

1:00-1:05Introduction and Overview of the Meeting
Samantha Jones, PhD - NCEA-IRIS Division Associate Director for Science

1:05-1:10 Welcoming Remarks
Glenn Paulson, PhD – EPA Science Advisor to the Administrator

1:10-1:25Vision for the Future of IRIS
Kenneth Olden, PhD, ScD, LHD - NCEA Director
EPA’s Integrated Risk Information System Program (PDF) (8 pages, 493 Kb)

1:25-1:35Recent Improvements in IRIS
Vincent Cogliano, PhD - NCEA-IRIS Division Director (Acting)
Recent Improvements in IRIS (PDF) (8 pages, 263 Kb)

1:35-3:00Panelist Views on IRIS
  • Mary Fox, MPH, PhD - Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
    IRIS for Environmental Public Health (PDF) (9 pages, 168 Kb)
  • David Fischer, MPH, JD - Senior Director in the Chemical Products and Technology Division at American Chemistry Council
    IRIS Public Stakeholder Meeting (PDF) (8 pages, 375 Kb)
  • Gloria Post, PhD, DABT - Research Scientist at New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
    State Perspectives (PDF) (4 pages, 107 Kb)
  • Richard Denison, PhD - Senior Scientist at Environmental Defense Fund
    EDF Comments for EPA (PDF) (4 pages, 427 Kb)
  • Chuck Elkins, JD - President of Chuck Elkins & Associates
    Panel Presentation (PDF) (9 pages, 243 Kb)
  • Linda Birnbaum, PhD, DABT, ATS - Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the National Toxicology Program

3:15-5:00 Open Forum
  • Participants
  • Panelists
  • Kenneth Olden, PhD, ScD, LHD – NCEA Director
  • Lynn Flowers, PhD, DABT – NCEA Associate Director for Health
  • Vincent Cogliano, PhD – NCEA-IRIS Division Director (Acting)
  • David Bussard – NCEA-Washington Division Director
  • Annette Gatchett – NCEA-Cincinnati Division Director (Acting)
  • John Vandenberg, PhD – NCEA-RTP Division Director, National Program Director for EPA’s Office of Research and Development’s Human Health Risk Assessment Program

5:00Closing remarks and adjourn meeting - Kenneth Olden

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