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List of IRIS Substances

This page has been created for users interested in having a copy of the entire IRIS Web site on their local hard drives. We are making this available in response to the needs of users traveling or with intermittent internet access. The "Stand Alone Version" will allow users to have full access to the IRIS Chemical Substance files without access to the Internet.

NOTE: There are several limitations to the use of these files.

  1. While the IRIS web site is updated continually, the stand-alone files will be updated only annually. Therefore, even if you reload the stand alone files annually, be aware that you will not be using the very latest version of IRIS unless you go directly to the IRIS web site. Changes to the IRIS files will be noted in the web site under Recent Additions between updates so that stand alone users can keep abreast of all significant modifications from one update to the next.

  2. You will have complete access to all the IRIS substance files and you can search the substance list and the individual files with your local browser. However, you will not be able to globally search all of the files as you can on the web using the various server options. Also, you will not be able to compare IRIS values or view the QuickViews. As a result, the links to these pages will not work.

Download the stand-alone version of the IRIS site (ZIP). (434M)

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