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Information Management (IM) and Information Technology (IT) Policies

Contractors performing any IT/IM and related work under contract with EPA, shall upon receipt of a work request (i.e. task order, delivery order, or work assignment), check this listing of policies, procedures, standards and guidance, as well as use of common security configurations available from the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Web site at http://checklists.nist.gov, to ensure that deliverables comply with IT/IM requirements. The applicable directives for performance of the work request are those in effect on the date of issuance of the work request.

The Office of Environmental Information (OEI) is currently undertaking a comprehensive review and update of all information technology/information management and related policies. While the "review dates" identified for some policies listed below may have past, this does not mean the policy is considered "expired." The listed policies remain in effect as OEI continues this review and update process through the Agency's Quality and Information Council (QIC).

Policy - A high-level statement about an Agency requirement designed to influence and determine decisions, actions, and other matters. It is usually driven by statute, Executive Order, the mandate of an oversight agency or Congress, or the head of the organization.

Procedures Not Associated with Specific Policies - The required steps, course of action, or processes needed to accomplish or satisfy a policy.

Standard - An accepted specification which defines systems, processes, methodologies, or practices. It provides a basis for assuring consistent and acceptable minimum levels of quality, performance, safety and reliability. Standards usually are included in or accompany procedures.

Guidance - A non-mandatory compilation of advice, examples, best practices or past experience. Guidance supplements procedures.

Expired Policies/Directives - Policies or directives that are no longer current and are to be used for reference only.

Strategic Overview / IRM (2pp, 134KB, About PDF)

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