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Milk Jug:

milk jug This is an empty milk jug. So what’s it doing in the laundry room? Could be that someone was going to use it to store something other than milk in it. Never use food containers to mix or store pesticides or any other household cleaning products. Not even if you write over the label and store them for later use or disposal. Why? Because kids or others can mistake it for something to eat or drink. Little kids can’t read, so writing over the label won’t help to tell them that a food container does not contain food. Unfortunately, many household poisoning accidents are caused by people not safely using or storing chemicals.

If you see a food container somewhere other than the kitchen or pantry ask you parents what's in it. Ask them why it is there. Tell your parents to always store pesticides and other household products in their original containers. That way the label, with its list of ingredients and directions for use, are always with the household product.

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