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About Labels

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image of generic pesticide product label

Many household products contain pesticidal and toxic ingredients that can be harmful to humans, animals, or the environment. Even so, we use these products to clean or maintain our home. Or they are useful because they control disease-causing organisms, insects, weeds, or other pests. The label is your guide to using products safely and effectively. 

Signal Words

Labels use signal words to show how toxic or hazardous a product can be. They are: Caution, Warning, and Danger. Both you and your parents need to be careful when products with signal words on the label are used. Make sure you do not come in contact with any of the chemicals from these products. Remind your parents to always "Read the Label First" to know how to properly use these products and for safety information.

You've got to be careful whenever you see a signal word!

What do you do if you or someone you're with has an accident with household products?


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