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Laundry Detergents:

laundry detergent

What is it?

These are cleaners used to clean stains and loosen dirt from the household laundry. Laundry detergents are usually found in the laundry room or kitchen.

What's in it?

They contain cleaning agents with "cationic", "anionic", or "non-ionic" in their names. The laundry detergents additionally contain enzymes that are used to loosen stains and ground-in dirt.

What health and safety precautions do you need to think about when using laundry detergents?

These products may irritate skin or make people more sensitive to other chemicals. They might also cause asthma, however this is usually when used in extremely large quantities. If you need to use these products, you need to be sure to always "Read the Label First" to know how to properly use these products and for safety information. Detergents are responsible for many household poisonings by accidental swallowing. Keep these boxes and bottles out of reach of small children and only use as directed.

What do you do if you or someone you're with has an accident with a household product?

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