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Land Revitalization Initiative

As part of its mission to protect human health and the environment, EPA is undertaking an Agency-wide initiative to revitalize land by restoring and reusing contaminated, and potentially contaminated, sites with continued emphasis on:

The Land Revitalization Initiative emphasizes that cleanup and reuse are mutually supportive goals and consideration of anticipated property reuse should be an integral part of EPA’s cleanup decisions. Whether a property is a Superfund site, an operating waste disposal site, a petroleum facility, a former gas station, or an abandoned industrial facility, EPA believes that environmental cleanup and land restoration across all EPA programs must be achieved.

The days of erecting chain link fences around a property and posting "Keep Out" signs are over. Cleaning up previously contaminated properties for reuse can help reinvigorate communities, preserve greenspace, and prevent sprawl. Revitalized land can be used in many ways—from the creation of public parks and the restoration of ecological systems, to the construction of community development projects and the establishment of new businesses.

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