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Forging Partnerships
Forging Partnerships to Further Land Reuse in Cleanup

Forging Partnerships

EPA’s offices and programs are forging partnerships with other agencies, organizations, and with each other to coordinate efforts and combine resources to help cleanup and revitalize contaminated land. The links below provide information on three ways these partnerships are being used to promote the goals of the Land Revitalization Initiative.

Leverage Technical/Financial Resources

Residential Reuse
EPA has worked with Habitat for Humanity International Exit EPA Disclaimer to redevelop several sites around the country into residential units. Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit organization that utilizes volunteer labor to provide needy families with affordable housing.

Recreational Reuse
EPA is working with the U.S. Soccer Foundation Exit EPA Disclaimer to identify opportunities for building soccer fields on former Superfund sites. The partnership was instrumental in coordinating plans for the construction of soccer fields at the Avtex Fibers, Inc. Superfund site in Virginia and is working to promote recreational redevelopment at several other Superfund sites.

Center of Expertise Exit EPA Disclaimer
In 2001, EPA entered into a cooperative agreement with the University of Virginia which opened a new multi-disciplinary Center of Expertise for Superfund Site Recycling. The Center will undertake investigations in support of the redevelopment of Superfund sites for a range of beneficial uses. The goal is to explore the relationship between site characterization and risk assessment, risk management, and private and public sector economics and decision-making in order to better predict the types of redevelopment that may be feasible and desirable under different conditions, and to facilitate that redevelopment.

Brownfields Partnerships
EPA's Brownfields Program has also partnered with a number of other organizations to promote the redevelopment of Brownfields properties around the country.

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