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Tools & Technical Information

Brownfields Technology Primer: Requesting and Evaluating Proposals That Encourage Innovative Technologies for Investigation and Cleanup (PDF) (57 pp, 1.5MB, About PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer expands on the guide for assessing contractor capabilities that was previously prepared by the BF Technology Support Center.

Brownfields Technology Primer: Selecting and Using Phytoremediation for Site Cleanup (PDF) (45 pp, 2.7MB,  About PDF) Exit EPA Disclaimer explains the phytoremediation process, discusses the potential advantages and considerations in selecting phytoremediation to clean up brownfields sites, and provides information on additional resources about phytoremediation.

EPA's Brownfields and Land Revitalization Technology Support Center provides information about the use of innovative site investigation and cleanup technologies and strategies at brownfields and other land revitalization sites. The Center provides publications and resources for all audiences.

Training and outreach assistance is available to facilitate stakeholder involvement in brownfields redevelopment through the Hazardous Substance Research Centers' (HSRC) Technical Assistance to Brownfields Communities program Exit EPA Disclaimer. HSRC's Technical Outreach Services for Communities (TOSC) Exit EPA Disclaimer helps guide communities through the site cleanup and reuse process by providing free, independent, non-advocate technical assistance.

Initiatives to Develop Web Sites Including Information about Brownfields Properties Exit EPA Disclaimer assists in planning, designing, and operating web sites that include information about individual Brownfields properties.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability or (BEES), offers a powerful technique for selecting cost- effective green building products. The tool is based on consensus standards and is designed to be practical, flexible, and transparent. Version 3.0 of the Windows-based decision support software, aimed at designers, builders, and product manufacturers, includes actual environmental and economic performance data for about 200 building products.

Road Map to Understanding Innovative Technology Options for Brownfields Investigation and Cleanup (PDF) (170 pp, 3.3MB, About PDF) provides a general outline of the steps in the cleanup of a site slated for redevelopment, and introduces brownfields stakeholders to the range of innovative technology options and resources available to them.

Using the Triad Approach to Streamline Brownfields Site Assessment and Cleanup (PDF) (48 pp, 1.5MB, About PDF) serves as an educational tool for site owners, project managers, and regulators to help streamline assessment and cleanup activities at brownfields sites


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