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Technical Support Centers


The EPA’s Office of Research and Development (ORD) provides scientific and technical support to support the cleanup of Superfund sites and other contaminated sites designated for corrective action under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

A list of technical support centers and programs are listed below. The centers offer scientific expertise and services to EPA’s program and regional offices, risk assessors and remediation officials on site characterization, modeling, monitoring, assessment, and remediation.

Environmental Photographic Interpretation Center (EPIC)
Contact: Dan Heggam, (Heggam.Daniel@epa.gov) 702-798-2278.

This center provides site‑specific information on the condition and activities occurring at hazardous waste disposal sites at a point in time or over a historical period; documents these conditions and changes; provide guides in the form of reports, maps, and photographs for assisting in the safe cleanup of hazardous waste materials; and assists in emergency response and enforcement efforts when requested by client offices. Remote sensing technical support is provided to all EPA Regional Superfund Offices and OERR, and includes: hazardous waste disposal site characterization and mapping; annotated aerial photo interpretation reports; topographic mapping of waste disposal sites; acquisition of aerial photographs; and enforcement support.

Monitoring and Site Characterization Technical Support Center
Contact: Felicia Barnett, (Barnett.Felicia@epa.gov) 404-562-8659

This center provides scientific and technical assistance in the characterization of hazardous waste sites and associated site contaminants. State‑of‑the‑science methods and technologies are identified and applied to identify contaminants, determine their levels and concentrations, and identify their geographic extent and distribution for site characterization and remediation.

Center for Exposure Assessment Modeling (CEAM)
Contact: Candida West, (West.Candida@epa.gov) 706-355-8023

CEAM's goals are to develop, maintain, and apply state‑of‑the‑science technical tools including multimedia exposure and ecosystem response simulation models, environmental databases, data analysis packages, tool application strategies, and advanced educational materials in the environmental sciences.

Center for Subsurface Modeling Support (CSMoS)
Contact: David Burden, (Burden.David@epa.gov) 580‑436‑8606

Provides support for development, testing, application, and distribution of models on fate and transport of contaminants in the subsurface environment.

Engineering Technical Support Center (ETSC) and Superfund Technical Assistance Response Team (START)
Contact: Anthony Zimmer, (Zimmer.Anthony@epa.gov) 513-487-2426

This center provides site-specific assistance on engineering and treatment issues during any phase of a site cleanup. Focus areas include containment, thermal treatments, soil vapor extraction, bioremediation, and solidification/stabilization. Support is provided for incorporating technology-based data needs in the RI/FS phase and conducting/evaluating site-specific remedy options in the RD/RA and post-construction phases. The center publishes Engineering Bulletins on technologies and site types and engineering issue papers on technologies and remediation of contaminants in soil and sediment. The center also maintains and assists with developing technologies for remediation of abandoned and closed mine sites. The center supports Superfund, Brownfields, and RCRA Corrective Action sites.

Ground Water Technical Support Center (GWTSC)
Contact: David Burden, (Burden.David@epa.gov) 580-436-8606

This center provides site-specific assistance on groundwater and subsurface contamination problems in site remediation. Focus areas include in-situ water treatment, in-situ thermal treatment, monitored natural attenuation, soil vapor extraction, and permeable reactive barriers. The center also publishes issue papers on subsurface remediation and ground water topics and provides project manager training upon request by the regions. The center supports Superfund, Brownfields, and RCRA Corrective Action sites.

Superfund Health Risk Technical Support Center
Contact: Jon Reid, (Reid.Jon@epa.gov) 513/569-7375

The Superfund Health Risk Technical Support Center (STSC) supports EPA regional and headquarters Superfund risk assessors by reviewing and developing exposure and toxicity factors that allow more accurate quantitative estimates of risk to be developed. Much of the activity is focused on developing new and updated peer reviewed provisional toxicity values that describe dose-response toxicological relationships. The center also provides user support and onsite expertise reviews. All assistance is provided on a rapid turn-around basis.

Ecological Risk Assessment Technical Support Center (ERASC)
Contact: Michael Kravitz, (Kravitz.Michael@epa.gov) 513-569-7740

The ERASC provides technical information and addresses scientific questions of concern or interest on topics relevant to ecological risk assessment at hazardous waste sites for EPA's Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) and Regional Superfund/Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) staff. To assess emerging and complex scientific issues that require expert judgment, the ERASC relies on the expertise of scientists and engineers located in ORD. ERASC develops responses that reflect the state of the science for ecological risk assessment and also provides a communication point for the distribution of the responses to other interested parties.

Superfund and Technology Liaison Program
Coordinator: Nigel Fields, (Fields.Nigel@epa.gov) 202-564-3405

The Superfund and Technology Liaison Program facilitates the sound use of science and technology in decision making for hazardous waste programs. The program provides ORD representatives to work with EPA’s regional staff to apply technical expertise to the cleanup of Superfund and other hazardous waste sites. The program strives to enhance interactions with other EPA offices involved in environmental research and technical support such as the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER).

Materials Management and Remediation Center
Contact:Teri Richardson, (Richardson.Teri@epa.gov) EPA Project Officer, (513) 569-7949
and Amy Dindal, Battelle, (561) 422-0113

A Materials Management and Remediation Center established by EPA verifies the performance of materials management technologies that are designed to provide sustainable solutions to waste and mitigate environmental contamination. The center will assess the performance of technologies used to recycle, recover and reuse beneficial waste materials and minimize disposal requirements. Technologies to remediate contaminated land and ground water at Superfund sites and other hazardous waste properties will also be reviewed. The center is part of the Environmental Technology Verification program in EPA's Office of Research and Development.

ORD representatives are:

Region 1 Stephen Mangion 617-918-1452
Region 2 Jon Josephs 212-637-4317
Region 3 William Hagel 215-814-3053
Region 4 Felicia Barnett 404-562-8659
Region 5 Charles Maurice 312-886-6635
Region 6 Terry Burton 214-665-7139
Region 7 Rob Weber 913-551-7918
Region 8 Kathleen Graham 303-312-6137
Region 9 Michael Gill 415-972-3054
Region 10 TBD  

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