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Lean Manufacturing and Environment

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Sector-Based Lean Initiatives

  • Lean Aerospace Initiative Exit EPA Disclaimer
    The Lean Aerospace Initiative (LAI) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology helps focus understanding and application of lean techniques in the aerospace sector by building on nearly a decade of knowledge around lean principles and practices in industry.
  • Lean Construction Institute Exit EPA Disclaimer
    Reform the management of production in design, engineering and construction for capital facilities.
  • Lean Shipbuilding Initiative Exit EPA Disclaimer
    A national initiative to make the shipbuilding industry competitive by applying lean manufacturing principles.
  • Society of Automotive Engineers Exit EPA Disclaimer
    The Lean Enterprise Services is a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to assist the automotive and aerospace industries in the development, implementation, documentation, and dissemination of lean enterprise principles and practices; and to enhance the knowledge and professional ability of our engineering members to create, manage and utilize lean tools and methods.

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