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Lean Manufacturing and Environment


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Lean and Water Toolkit
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The Lean And Water Toolkit

Purpose of This Toolkit

The Lean and Water Toolkit offers Lean implementers practical strategies and techniques for improving common Lean results related to time, cost, and quality, while also reducing water use, costs, and risk. Environmental Health and Safety professionals will also find useful information in this toolkit for how to leverage Lean and Six Sigma business improvement methods to eliminate water waste. Finally, the toolkit introduces Lean practitioners to the wide array of water efficiency resources available from EPA and other organizations.

The “Lean” methods discussed in this toolkit are organizational improvement methods pioneered in the Toyota Production System. Lean production and Lean manufacturing refer to a customerfocused business model and collection of methods that focus on the elimination of waste (non-value added activity) while delivering quality products on time and at a low cost. Six Sigma is a business model that focuses on improving quality by eliminating variation; it is often combined with Lean. The toolkit assumes that you are familiar with Lean methods.

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