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Lean Government

Lean in Government Starter Kit Resources

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

These downloadable resources are organized according to the section of the Starter Kit in which they are referenced, along with a set of resources that are only available on-line. The resources can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your agency.

Web-Only Resources

The following resources are not included in the Appendix to the Starter Kit, but are available for download here.

  • Lean Overview Presentation (Microsoft Powerpoint, 67 pp, 2.4MB). This presentation introduces senior agency management to Lean principles, methods, and key success criteria, and offers example results from past agency improvement efforts.
  • ECOS State Lean Inventory (Microsoft Word, 27 pp, 209K). This inventory summarizes Lean implementation efforts at state environmental agencies. It can be used with managers and staff to provide context for your agency's Lean initiative.
  • Lean Leadership Guide (PDF) (2 pp, 374K). This guide describes eight critical steps that Lean leaders should take in order to ensure the success of process improvement efforts.
  • Lean Metrics Guide (PDF) (14 pp, 406K). This guide provides definitions and examples of metrics often used in Lean government efforts.
  • Lean Government Event Scoping Guide (PDF) (20 pp, 508K). This guide is designed to help government agencies select, scope, and charter successful Lean events. It includes specific examples from environmental agency Lean events.
  • Event Report-Out Presentation (Microsoft Powerpoint, 14 pp, 2.7MB). This presentation provides an example of the type of information shared in a Lean event report-out presentation.
  • Lean Deployment Presentation (Microsoft Powerpoint, 27 pp, 333K). This presentation outlines several options as well as key considerations for broader agency Lean deployment.

Chapter 2: Tools and Resources for Understanding Lean and the Continual Improvement System

  • Frequently Asked Questions about Lean (Microsoft Word, 2 pp, 53K). This sample Question and Answer document answers many of the key questions that get raised about Lean events. The document can be distributed to agency staff prior to an event.

Chapter 3: Tools and Resources for Selecting a Lean Project

  • Pre-Screening Application for Lean Events (Microsoft Word, 1 pg, 49K). Once an agency has conducted its first Lean event, it is helpful to have a standard form for evaluating and prioritizing potential future events. This application outlines questions for agency managers and staff to answer about potential value stream mapping projects.
  • Lean Facilitator Request for Proposal (Microsoft Word, 2 pp, 53K). This sample request for proposal describes potential qualifications to look for in a Lean facilitator and how to rank candidates.

Chapter 4: Tools and Resources for Lean Event Scoping and Preparation

  • Lean Event Sponsor Contract (Microsoft Word, 1 pg, 50K). This contract is signed by the team sponsor and team leader to ensure that the sponsor understands the event's focus and the critical role that the sponsor plays.
  • Lean Event Supplies List (Microsoft Word, 1 pg, 61K). This supplies list includes materials frequently used at Lean events. To help ensure smooth event functioning, come prepared with the right supplies on hand.
  • Lean Event Logistics Checklist (Microsoft Word, 1 pg, 50K). This checklist provides a chronological guide for making food and logistical arrangements for a Lean event. While food and logistics preparation may seem like minor issues, they ensure that an event functions smoothly and allow participants to focus on the process.
  • Pre-event Meeting Agenda (Microsoft Word, 1 pg, 49K). This agenda includes a set of objectives and guiding questions to discuss with the event team during the pre-event meeting.
  • Team Charter (Microsoft Word, 1 pg, 49K). This team charter allows an agency to articulate the scope, goals, and objectives of the event, along with follow-up dates to ensure that the process will move forward after the event.
  • Example Team Charter (Microsoft Word, 2 pp, 55K). This is an example of a completed team charter.
  • Event Preparation Checklist (Microsoft Word, 2 pp, 51K). This event preparation checklist provides a summary of key actions needed across the phases of Lean event planning and implementation.
  • Pre-event Data Collection Guide (Microsoft Word, 1 pg, 52K). This guide outlines critical steps and questions associated with gathering baseline or "current state" data before a Lean event.
  • Kaizen Event Agenda (Microsoft Word,1 pg, 50K). This kaizen event agenda provides an example of time allocation over a five-day kaizen event. The agenda is a high-level guide and can be easily modified to be more event-specific.

Chapter 5: Tools and Resources for Conducting a Lean Event

  • Team Leader Daily Agenda (Microsoft Word, 4 pp, 56K). This detailed agenda outlines specific roles and responsibilities of a team leader over a five-day Lean event.
  • Lean Event Homework (Microsoft Word, 1 pg, 53K). This homework sheet is a useful way to track action items and assignments identified during a Lean event.
  • Report-Out Summary (Microsoft Word, 1 pg, 53K). The event report-out summary is a one-page "snapshot" of the event results. The summary includes the event scope, objectives, goals, a tabular representation of improvements, and a list of actions implemented.
  • Event Evaluation Form (Microsoft Word, 1 pg, 56K). This form is used to evaluate and solicit feedback from event participants. It is important to listen to participants' perspectives since their responses can inform the success of future events.
  • Lean Event Certificate Template (Microsoft Word, 1 pg, 1.1MB). Print out this certificate of participation and fill in each Lean team member's name, the process improved, and the date, and award to everyone involved. The certificates help to spread awareness of Lean when displayed in team members' offices.

Chapter 6: Tools and Resources for Lean Event Follow-Up

  • Lean Event Follow-up Action Tracking Form (Microsoft Word, 1 pg, 56K). This tracking sheet is a useful way to track action items assigned during the event report-out. The sheet identifies who is responsible for completing an action item and when the item is due.

Chapter 7: Tools and Resources for Diffusing Lean Activity and Becoming a Lean Enterprise

  • Agency Lean Coordinator Job Description (Microsoft Word, 1 pg, 51K). This job description outlines the roles and responsibilities of an agency Lean coordinator; it can be used by agencies interested in expanding their Lean efforts.
  • Agency-Wide Lean Tracking Sheet (Microsoft Excel, 1 pg, 13K). This spreadsheet can be used to track the process improvement efforts throughout an organization, including next steps and the status of implementation and follow-up.

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