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Sample Requests for Proposals

Many communities around the country are interested in using smart growth principles to plan for growth and to get the type of development they want. The majority of those communities also need some level of outside help to make that happen. This typically means using a Request for Proposals (RFP) process to identify, screen, and hire expert consultants. EPA has heard from communities looking for help in creating an RFP that will allow them to find a consultant with smart growth experience. Below are two sample RFPs from communities that successfully identified and hired consultants experienced in smart growth to assist with their plan updates. The examples are provided as models for communities trying to secure similar smart growth expertise. Their inclusion does not represent an endorsement by EPA.

Some of the features that make these smart growth RFPs successful are:

If you know about an RFP that you think should be included in this list, please send an electronic copy to Kevin Nelson (nelson.kevin@epa.gov, 202-566-2835).

Louisiana, Center for Planning Excellence — RFP: Model Development Code (PDF) (6 pp, 110 K, About PDF)

Rockville, Maryland — RFP: Rockville Pike Corridor Neighborhood Plan Update (PDF) (25 pp, 545 K, About PDF)

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