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Access to Jobs and Workers Via Transit Tool

Access to Jobs and Workers Via Transit is a free geospatial data resource and web mapping tool for comparing the accessibility of neighborhoods via public transit service. Indicators summarize accessibility to job as well as accessibility by workers, households and population. Coverage is limited to metropolitan regions served by transit agencies that share their service data in a standard format called GTFS Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer. The Access to Jobs and Workers Via Transit - Technical Documentation and User Guide (PDF) (28pp, 1.7MB, About PDF) includes a full list of those areas. Figure 2 shows one indicator from this dataset mapped for the Washington DC metropolitan region.

Map showing the percentage of jobs that can be accessed by transit for neighborhoods in the Washington DC metropolitan region" title="Percent of Jobs Accessible by Transit, Washington D.C. metropolitan region
Figure 2: Percentage of all Jobs in the Metropolitan, D.C., Region That are Accessible by Transit
Employment data source: Census LEHD (2010); Transit service data sources: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, DC Circulator, Maryland Transit Administration, Montgomery County RideOn, Central Maryland Regional Transit, Arlington Transit, Fairfax Connector, University of Maryland (2012)

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