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Smart Growth Illustrated

Smart growth is all about how we build our communities. It is often easier to communicate ideas about density, design, walkability, and housing and transportation choice with pictures than with words alone. Smart Growth Illustrated does just that -- provides visual examples of smart growth techniques as they have been used in different places. Although every example illustrates several smart growth principles, each was chosen to illustrate one specific principle. In aggregate, these case studies effectively illustrate the 10 smart growth principles as they have been used in 20 communities around the country. EPA Smart Growth award winners offer more examples of how to use smart growth principles to improve your community.

Smart Growth Principle Case Study
Mix Land Uses Eighth and Pearl, Boulder, CO
Legacy Town Center, Plano, TX
Take Advantage of Compact Building Design Belmont Dairy, Portland, OR
Highlands' Garden Village, Denver, CO
Create a Range of Housing Opportunities and Choices Hismen Hin-Nu Terrace, Oakland, CA
Benedict Commons, Aspen, CO
Create Walkable Neighborhoods Northwest Landing, DuPont, WA
Bethesda Row, Bethesda, MD
Foster Distinctive, Attractive Communities with a Strong Sense of Place The Can Company, Baltimore, MD
Downtown Brea, Brea, CA
Preserve Open Space, Farmland, Natural Beauty, and Critical Environmental Areas Abacoa, Jupiter, FL
East Lake Commons, Decatur, GA
Strengthen and Direct Development Towards Existing Communities Mizner Park, Boca Raton, FL
Uptown District, San Diego, CA
Provide a Variety of Transportation Choices King Farm, Rockville, MD
The Crossings, Mountain View, CA
Make Development Decisions Predictable, Fair, and Cost Effective Green Tape Program, Silver Spring, MD
Compact Development Endorsement Program, San Francisco, CA
Encourage Community and Stakeholder Collaboration in Development Decisions Barrio Logan, San Diego, CA
East Russell, Louisville, KY


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