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Landfill Methane Outreach Program

LMOP Partner Profile

Organization Address
111 Speen Street
Suite 410
Framingham, MA 01701
United States
Professional Services
Engineering/Design; Construction/Installation; O&M; Project Developer
Primary Contact
Mr. Michael T. Bakas mbakas@ameresco.com
Vice President, Renewable Energy
Phone: (508) 661-2223
Fax: (508) 661-2201
Ameresco offers comprehensive energy supply and demand-side solutions for end users of LFG. On the supply-side, Ameresco provides a wide range of services to landfills including project design, financing, construction, and management of the LFG system and energy plant. On the demand-side, Ameresco works with its customers to reduce operating expenses, upgrade and maintain their facilities, improve occupancy comfort levels, increase energy reliability and enhance the environment. Ameresco works with customers to appropriately match their energy needs with renewable energy sources such as LFG, while concurrently assisting customers to reduce their internal energy consumption. Ameresco is committed to developing renewable and sustainable energy generation world-wide.
Additional Contact(s)
Mr. James D. Bier jbier@ameresco.com
Senior Project Developer
Phone: (209) 610-4318
Fax: (209) 543-9556

Ms. Shelley H. Cohen scohen@ameresco.com
Sr Proj Dev, Rnwbl Energy & Energy Eff
Phone: (202) 756-2496
Fax: (508) 661-2201

Mr. Ben Heuiser, PE bheuiser@ameresco.com
Director - Plant Operations
Phone: (715) 549-6023
Fax: (508) 861-0489

Ms. Linda Nugent lnugent@ameresco.com
Senior Project Developer
Phone: (704) 708-6048
Fax: (704) 377-2622

Mr. Jeff Stander jstander@ameresco.com
Senior Project Developer
Phone: (248) 529-3507
Fax: (248) 529-3508

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