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Office of the Director

Dale Hoff , Acting Director, Mid-Continent Ecology Division

The Office of the Director is responsible for providing leadership and direction for the Mid-Continent Ecology Division's research program. The Office is responsible for planning, directing, and administering the overall scientific and technical management of the in-house divisional research program as well as cooperative agreements and interagency agreements; directing the scientific and technical activities in the implementation of research programs assigned to the Division to assure sound experimental design, quality assurance, peer review, and timely completion of scientifically credible products; developing program objectives, operations, and resource requirements to meet current and future divisional needs; providing federal staff support for construction and repair of experimental apparatus and exposure systems; and providing research and science support to the Great Lakes National Program Office, Regions, and States, including the development and application of mathematical models to predict the effects of pollutants on aquatic life as part of community-based studies in the Great Lakes basin.

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