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Research Tasks by Researcher

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Theodore Angradi, (angradi.theodore@epa.gov)

Gerald Ankley, (ankley.gerald@epa.gov)

David Bolgrien, (bolgrien.dave@epa.gov)

Lawrence Burkhard, (burkhard.lawrence@epa.gov)

Timothy Corry, (corry.timothy@epa.gov)

Anne Cotter, (cotter.anne@epa.gov)

Sigmund Degitz, (degitz.sigmund@epa.gov)

Jeffrey Denny, (denny.jeff@epa.gov)

Colleen Elonen, (elonen.colleen@epa.gov)

Russell Erickson, (erickson.russell@epa.gov)

Matthew Etterson, (etterson.matthew@epa.gov)

Patrick Fitzsimmons, (fitzsimmons.patrick@epa.gov)

Kevin Flynn, (flynn.kevin@epa.gov)

Dean Hammermeister, (hammermeister.dean@epa.gov)

Jon Haselman, (haselman.jon@epa.gov)

Larry Heinis, (heinis.larry@epa.gov)

Terry Highland, (highland.terry@epa.gov)

Brian Hill, (hill.brian@epa.gov)

J. Russell Hockett, (hockett.russ@epa.gov)

Dale Hoff, (hoff.dale@epa.gov)

Alex Hoffman, (hoffman.alex@epa.gov)

Joel Hoffman, (hoffman.joel@epa.gov)

Tom Hollenhorst, (hollenhorst.tom@epa.gov)

Michael Hornung, (hornung.michael@epa.gov)

Kathleen Jensen, (jensen.kathleen@epa.gov)

Correne Jenson, (jenson.correne@epa.gov)

Terri Jicha, (jicha.terri@epa.gov)

Rodney Johnson, (johnson.rodney@epa.gov)

Michael Kahl , (kahl.michael@epa.gov)

Richard Kolanczyk, (kolanczyk.rick@epa.gov)

Joseph Korte, (korte.joe@epa.gov)

Patricia Kosian, (kosian.pat@epa.gov)

Russell Kreis, (kreis.russell@epa.gov)

Tylor Lahren, (lahren.tylor@epa.gov)

Doug Lothenbach, (lothenbach.doug@epa.gov)

David Miller, (miller.davidh@epa.gov)

Samuel Miller, (miller.samuel@epa.gov)

Mary Moffett, (moffett.mary@epa.gov)

David Mount, (mount.dave@epa.gov)

John Nichols, (nichols.john@epa.gov)

Teresa Norberg-King, (norberg-king.teresa@epa.gov)

James Pauer, (pauer.james@epa.gov)

Mark Pearson, (pearson.mark@epa.gov)

Gregory Peterson, (peterson.greg@epa.gov)

Kenneth Rygwelski, (rygwelski.kenneth@epa.gov)

Jill Scharold, (scharold.jill@epa.gov)

Patricia Schmieder, (schmieder.patricia@epa.gov)

Jose Serrano, (serrano.jose@epa.gov)

Michael Sierszen, (sierszen.michael@epa.gov)

Mark Tapper, (tapper.mark@epa.gov)

Debra Taylor, (taylor.debra@epa.gov)

Joseph Tietge, (tietge.joe@epa.gov)

Anett Trebitz, (trebitz.anett@epa.gov)

Dan Villeneuve, (villeneuve.dan@epa.gov)

Frank Whiteman, (whiteman.frank@epa.gov)

Peder Yurista, (yurista.peder@epa.gov)



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