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Ecotoxicology Databases and Expert Systems

Project Summary

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One of EPA's long-term goals is to facilitate the exchange of credible scientific data and risk assessment information among private and public stakeholders. To meet this objective, this Division has developed a suite of databases and expert systems that can be used by risk assessors and researchers to quickly locate relevant ecotoxicology data and models.

Databases and expert systems include:

Key products

Weisbrod, A., L.P. Burkhard, J. Arnot, D. Powell, O.G. Mekenyan, P. Howard, C.L. Russom, R. Boething, Y. Sakuratani, T. Traas, T. Bridges, C. Lutz, M. Bonnell, T. Parkerton, and K. Woodburn. 2007. Workgroup report: Review of fish bioaccumulation databases used to identify persistent, bioaccumulative, toxic substances. Environmental Health Perspectives 115(2): 255-261.

Russom, C.L., R.L. Breton, J.D. Walker, and S.P. Bradbury. 2003. An overview of the use of quantitative structure-activity relationships for ranking and prioritizing large chemical inventories for environmental risk assessments. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 22:1810-1821.

Bradbury, S.P., C.L. Russom, G.T. Ankley, T.W. Schultz, and J.D. Walker. 2003. Overview of data and conceptual approaches for derivation of quantitative structure-activity relationships for ecotoxicological effects of organic chemicals. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 22:1789-1798.

Russom, C.L. 2002. Mining environmental toxicology information: Web resources. Toxicology 173:75-88.

Russom, C.L., S.P. Bradbury, S.J. Broderius, D.E. Hammermeister, and R.A. Drummond. 1997. Predicting modes of toxic action from chemical structure: Acute toxicity in fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas). Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 16:948-967.

Project personnel

Name E-mail Phone
Chris Russom russom.chris@epa.gov 218-529-5218
Gary Ankley ankley.gerald@epa.gov 218-529-5147
Lawrence Burkhard burkhard.lawrence@epa.gov 218-529-5164
Dale Hoff hoff.dale@epa.gov 218-529-5386
Chuck Stephan  

Research project update date

June 22, 2011

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